Buy fireworks and firecrackers safety knowledge
Jan 31, 2019

1. Select a supplier: It is recommended that consumers go to a franchise company or store with a sales license to purchase. Because China has strict management of the sales of fireworks and firecrackers, we have licensed sales.

2. Select product categories: fireworks and firecrackers products have more than a dozen types of thousands of varieties, consumers should be based on age, master the knowledge of fireworks and firecrackers, the process of burning, the venue for consumption, reasonable purchase of fireworks and firecrackers products. Consumers generally choose C and D grade products with relatively small doses. For those who need certain professional knowledge for A and B grades, they should be discharged or have a certificate.

3. The choice of product appearance: should be neat, no mold change, intact and unchanged, no leakage medicine, floating medicine products.

4. Optional product logo: It should be complete and clear, that is, there is a formal factory name, factory address, warning words, and Chinese fuel discharge instructions are clear, such as whether there is warning, discharge method (how to choose location, time, operation method, etc.), Precautions during the discharge process.

5. The purchase of fireworks and firecracker products fuse line (except friction and some line of incense) should be no mold, no damage, no shackles of safety leads (knotted firecracker products for paper cited, but pay attention to have a certain Guided to prevent injury to the hands and eyes, etc.), the safety lead is a kind of fuse that is capable of controlling the burning speed (slower burning speed) and is covered with a layer of waterproof varnish. The color is generally green.

6. Firecrackers have knotted firecrackers and a single firecracker. The first choice is to pay attention to the length of the fuse line, and the second is the firmness of the knot, not loose. When purchasing a single firecracker, you should purchase a black medicine gun, and the lead wire is a safety lead. Never buy a perchlorate gun or a perchlorate gun commonly known as white medicine. 

7. Fireworks products are divided into 13 categories, such as spit beads, spray flowers, lift-offs, small fireworks, modeling toys, incense, and combination fireworks, according to their structure and movement form. Consumers should follow their own The lighting venue and the purpose of the purchase to purchase fireworks products. In recent years, spit beads, spray flowers, lift-offs, small fireworks, modeling toys, and combination fireworks products have been well received by consumers, especially combination fireworks products (commonly known as potted flowers). There are requirements for the discharge site, where there is no need for air and flammable materials. For the purchase of spit-beads, you should choose a product with a thicker, harder, and better fuse. For the selection of lift-off products, you should purchase a product that is firmly installed, with a complete guide bar, uniform thickness, and straightness. The purchase of small fireworks products, combined fireworks products, because of its many changes, more appealing and stimulating, loved by consumers. Such products are developing rapidly, with more and more varieties, complex structures, increasing doses, and dangerous risks. Consumers should purchase structures that are not loose, solid, hard, and soft. Thick and not thin, the fuse must be a safety lead, etc., should not be purchased with a large combination of large, thin, single-shot products.


Fireworks and firecrackers are a special kind of goods. They are a variety of traditional festive entertainment products. They are loved by people all over the world. However, because they are made of chemical materials such as gunpowder, they must be properly discharged according to product specifications. Be sure to be safe and enjoy the purpose of entertainment. In order to achieve this, special technical introductions are made.

Fireworks and firecrackers must be classified and illustrated. There are thousands of types of fireworks. If there are statistics from around the world, there may be tens of thousands of names.

But in a nutshell: In summary, the fireworks and firecrackers are products made from pyrotechnics as raw materials, which are burned or exploded by the action of fire sources, and accompanied by effects such as sound and light color smoke, according to the products. The structure contains the drug content and the form of exercise after discharge (ie the effect), and the products are divided into the following four categories and 14 categories: (the latest national regulations GB10631-2004)

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