First aid for firecrackers
Nov 01, 2018

First, the eye and face of the injured person, dirt and sand particles should be carefully removed, and the wound can be rinsed with water. Clear water not only removes fine foreign matter such as dust and blood, but also cools the burned local tissue and removes residual chemical substances from the wound to reduce further damage. If blisters form on the surface of the skin, don't break it, let alone break it. In addition, do not apply colored syrup and ointment such as gentian violet on the blisters to avoid increasing the risk of infection. Clinically, patients with ointments are often seen for treatment. In order to observe and judge the condition, doctors must first remove them, which not only increases the difficulty of debridement, but also brings more pain to the injured.

There are many blood vessels on the human face. If you encounter a small blood vessel rupture and cause bleeding, you can use a clean gauze or towel to press the wound before the treatment to stop bleeding.

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