Introduction to the use of fireworks
Nov 01, 2018

There are many kinds of fireworks in China, and the variety of flowers and colors is quite mixed. However, the chrysanthemum type is the most popular flower type. After the fireworks are shot into the sky, the colorful light is burned first, followed by the parachute, the fireworks. Overlapping, the night sky, the beautiful group, constitutes a variety of beautiful patterns, has become the target of people watching in the 15th lunar month of the first month, this fleeting large-scale fireworks, the cost is very high. The fireworks in the county towns and towns are both grand and temperate. In order to achieve the purpose of viewing, the festival atmosphere is pushed to the climax. The "fire tree, silver and flowers are not the night" is the true portrayal of this landscape, such as: 2008 Beijing The fireworks of the Olympics.

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