Japanese Fireworks Festival Tip
Jan 02, 2019

                                   The annual fireworks display in summer is the highlight of the Japanese summer activities. The fireworks exhibitions vary in size and have their own characteristics. However, if you have seen a few more games, you will find that several kinds of fireworks are more common, so let Japan The festival introduces you to the festival. There are several kinds of fireworks that are common in the fireworks display.



The most representative fireworks. The characteristic of chrysanthemum is that it can see the light that is dragged from the tail of its petals. Its beauty is a great thing, it will also be used for viewing alone.



Another representative is the peony. Unlike chrysanthemum, its tail does not lengthen, and the naked eye looks like a point is enlarged. From the point of view of the photo, it seems that the tail is prolonged because of the long exposure. It is also the main point of view when it is necessary to clearly express a color.



Fireworks that dance like a bee. Because of his humor, he is accompanied by music as a program for children.



As the name suggests, the combination of "flower" and "lei"; the beautiful "flower" in the air, the fire is eye-catching.


Thousands of rounds

Small fireworks scattered a lot of fireworks. "啪" slammed out, very luxurious. The color is very beautiful and lovely.


Butterfly and Saturn

The butterfly in the sky danced and disappeared. Against the light butterfly, it looks like a clumsy Saturn.


One of the origins of Japanese fireworks is derived from Chinese firecrackers, and the other is gunpowder, but no matter which one, China seems to be the birthplace of fireworks. After that, the fireworks reached Italy and developed in European countries such as England and Poland. The fireworks made in Japan should have started when the rifle was introduced in the 16th century. According to records, the first person to watch fireworks in Japan is Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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