Precautions when buying fireworks
Nov 01, 2018

1. Purchase at the franchise retail outlet of the Fireworks and Firecracker Management (Retail) Permit issued by the Safety Production Supervision and Administration Department. Do not purchase fireworks and firecrackers from unlicensed stalls, mobile stalls and illegal traders selling along the street.

2. Products with neat appearance, no mildew, no deformation, no leakage and floating medicine should be purchased.

3. The product with complete and clear mark should be purchased, that is, there is a formal factory name, a factory address, a warning message, and a Chinese burning instructions.

4. C, D-class fireworks and firecrackers with relatively small doses and low risk should be purchased. Do not buy fireworks and firecrackers that can be fired by professionals, such as fireworks bombs and large-scale combination fireworks.

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