Safe fireworks and firecrackers
Jan 28, 2019

1. All fireworks and firecracker products should be placed outside as far as possible, and the discharge site that meets the requirements should be selected in strict accordance with the instructions on the product.

2. Keep a clear head when burning fireworks and firecrackers. Please do not set off fireworks and firecrackers after drinking. Underage children should carefully use fireworks and firecrackers.

3. To be discharged by adults, do not let the minors separate fireworks and firecrackers; and prevent them from burning dangerous species and take out the gunpowder in the fireworks and other toys.

4. To choose a safe place, and placed after a smooth placement.



 5. Generally, cigarettes or incense are used to ignite. After ignition, the person immediately leaves to a safe position. In case of abnormal conditions, please do not approach the product immediately, usually wait 15 minutes before handling.

6. Do not discharge in places without safety conditions, such as shantytowns, stairways, small alleys, gas stations, substations, gas pressure stations, high-voltage lines, public places, etc.; rural villagers should keep fireworks and firecrackers away from factories and warehouses. Inflammable and explosive places such as farmer's market, flammable housing areas, grain rafts, firewood rafts, etc., should be carefully inspected after discharge. It is found that shredded papers of residual fire should be cleaned up in time.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use firecrackers to play the game of "fire". It is easy to hurt people.

8. When firing, place the firecrackers on the ground, or hang them on the long rafts. Do not hold them in your hands. This is dangerous and prone to injury. Do not put a few safe discharges. Keep the safety distance between the discharger and the viewer; do not let the underage children separate the fireworks and firecrackers; do not illuminate the head directly above the fireworks or fireworks to see the fireworks that are extinguished after ignition. Firecrackers; do not ignite unlit fireworks and firecrackers twice; do not use lit fireworks and firecrackers to ignite other fireworks and firecrackers; do not store fireworks and firecrackers at home, keep away from fire and heaters; do not purchase fireworks and fireworks, large fireworks Do not discharge in areas that are prohibited by express text; do not discharge on windows, balconies, or platforms on the floor to prevent fires from falling after Mars; do not align the fire exits with building windows, pedestrians, and vehicles to prevent fires from splashing into Mars. And wounding; do not put ignited fireworks and firecrackers from the heights of the roof, balcony, windows, etc. (pedestrians, vehicles); Do not discharge in places where there are no safe conditions, such as shantytowns, small alleys, gas stations, substations, gas pressure regulating stations and high-voltage lines. When discharging, first select a safe place, and correctly discharge according to the instructions. The flammable materials on the platform, roof, patio, tiger window and buildings are removed, and the flammable sunshade cloth and air-conditioning protection cloth on the outer wall are collected to prevent fires from igniting the flammable materials. At the same time, any openings are made on the outer wall of the building. The hole and the hole are sealed to prevent the fire from splashing into the room. Keep doors and windows closed before leaving home to prevent fires from coming to the home.

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