Safety tips for fireworks
Dec 31, 2018

1. Children should be led by adults when burning firecrackers. 

2. Fireworks and firecrackers should be stored in a safe place away from fire and should not be placed next to the fire. 

3. In order to prevent fires, it is strictly forbidden to set off firecrackers in balconies, indoors, warehouses, yards and other places. It is also not allowed to be placed in public places such as shops and theaters. 

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the firecrackers to play the game of “fire.” 

5. When firing, place the firecrackers on the ground, or hang them on the long pole, not in your hand. 

6. After igniting the firecrackers, if there is no explosion, do not rush to check before confirming that there are no safety problems. 

7. Set off fireworks and firecrackers, do not place them horizontally or diagonally, and do not discharge high-altitude, long-range, and uncontrollable varieties such as “Drilling Monkeys”.



1. To dispose of firecrackers, keep away from flammable and combustible materials and discharge them in an open area. Do not discharge against people and residential homes. When burning, carefully check whether there are flammable and combustible materials nearby, and carefully clean up the fire hazards.

2. Children should be supervised by firecrackers. Don't arbitrarily smash firecrackers that have not been ringing for a while.

3. Firecracker storage should avoid fire source and high temperature production facilities. Shipment of firecrackers should avoid vibration and friction. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the firecracker market.

4. To buy quality firecrackers, do not plan to buy cheap inferior firecrackers. In addition, the expert reminded that if the outer eyeball is broken by a blow, the most taboo is to press hard. It is very difficult for the doctor to save the contents once they are pressed out. After the injury, the patient should be placed in a quiet position and sent to the nearest hospital.

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