20 People Were Injured In The Spanish Fireworks Explosion
Jul 23, 2018

       According to the British "Mirror" reported on July 22, recently, at the Magdalena Music Festival in Cangas del Narceia, Spain, a fireworks show accident, the fireworks that were being fired suddenly exploded, resulting in At least 20 people were injured. The windows of nearby houses and shops were bombarded with huge power, and many people were not burnt or stabbed by broken glass fragments.            The report said that at midnight, the town was holding a fireworks show at the closing ceremony of the festival. As you can see from the video, the fireworks are located near a small bridge in the town. At the beginning, the fireworks were normally discharged, and the sky was colorful. Suddenly, the fireworks on the ground exploded, the sound was loud, the scene was scary, and the onlookers and tourists fled in horror.

       Witnesses said that they heard a huge explosion, and the power of the explosion bombed the windows of nearby houses and shops, and the multi-faceted walls were also blown up. The local police blocked the incident and strengthened patrols to prevent theft and robbery, because one of the buildings that was blown up was a bank.

       Medical staff immediately rushed to the scene, and the local medical center was also open to receiving the wounded. Most of the wounded were scratched by glass shards, but at least one organizer of the fireworks show was burned.

       José Víctor Rodríguez, mayor of Cangas del Narcía, issued a statement on social media saying that the majority of the wounded were slightly injured and he will take further measures to prevent similar accidents from happening again and have already committed the accident. Start the investigation.

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