90% Of US Fireworks Are Imported From China!
Feb 04, 2019

Fireworks have always been a must-have item for people from all over the world to celebrate the festival. China's annual holiday season burns a lot of fireworks. Recently, the media reported that the United States will spend more than 900 million US dollars on this year’s Independence Day to purchase a variety of fireworks. Surprisingly, 90% of the fireworks emitted by Americans come from China, and the professional fireworks display About 70% of the fireworks are made in China.

shutterstock_527872324According to statistics, the fireworks purchased by American consumers increased from 284 million US dollars in 1998 to 885 million US dollars last year. Fireworks has become one of the main ways for Americans to celebrate, and these fireworks rely entirely on Chinese supplies. The industry has always been controlled by Italian immigrants. When Chinese fireworks first came in, they were obscured in the United States. Nowadays, they have succeeded in counterattacking and can’t help but be amazed.

With the improvement of the living standards of the American people, the demand for fireworks has been expanding. At the same time, Chinese fireworks are in a state of being in short supply. We invented the fireworks as early as the Tang Dynasty, and the effects of the blooms were sought after by the Americans. In addition, the fireworks industry is a labor-intensive industry, and US domestic companies are increasingly favoring the import of Chinese fireworks due to labor costs. What is even more commendable is that China's fireworks discharge safety standards are in line with the state government regulations, and now the American festival streets are everywhere.

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