At Least 7 People Were Killed In A Fireworks Warehouse Explosion In Central Mexico
Feb 08, 2019

       The Mexican state government in central Mexico issued a notice on the 6th that a fireworks warehouse in the city of Turtepec exploded on the same day, killing at least seven people and injuring eight others.

       The announcement said that the explosion occurred at around 1 am on the same day. At the time of the incident, there was a thick smoke rising on the scene. The explosion caused damage to many buildings and vehicles around. The local government will provide relevant services to the people affected by the explosion and carry out clean-up work at the scene.

       Many cities in Mexico have a tradition of making fireworks and firecrackers. The poor production and storage conditions have led to frequent fireworks explosions. In December 2016, a fireworks and firecracker market exploded in the city of Turtepec, causing serious casualties.

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