C, D Fireworks And Firecrackers Are Suitable For Railway Transportation
Jan 28, 2019

       This morning, the China-Europe team performance report meeting was held in Liuyang. Relevant persons from the China Communications and Transportation Association, Dangerous Goods Transportation Laboratory of Beijing Jiaotong University, Guangzhou Railway Group, Hunan Inspection and Quarantine Science and Technology Research Institute, Hunan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and related representatives of European transportation enterprises Special discussion on the container transportation of firecrackers in Central Europe.


Europe is an important destination for Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers, accounting for about one-third of the fireworks and firecrackers export market. Among the top ten destination countries for the export of Liuyang fireworks, European countries occupy eight. In order to actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and solve the problem of single export channel and long export time of Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers, Liuyang City officially established the project in October last year, entrusted Beijing Jiaotong University, China Communications Association and Hunan National Inspection Fireworks and Firecracker Testing Center. The feasibility study on the export of fireworks and firecrackers international container trains has achieved positive results.

       After nearly half a year of research, the research team agreed that the load and safety of C and D fireworks and firecrackers in addition to the fireworks are suitable for railway transportation. Experts attending the meeting pointed out that there is no clear document at home and abroad that it is possible to transport fireworks and firecrackers in railway containers. Liuyang can speed up the study of this mode of transportation, speed up trials and evaluations, and promote the work of changing the fireworks and firecrackers to container transportation.

       In the next stage, Liuyang will conduct a caravan transport test with the research team. After obtaining scientific and safety data, it will actively submit a feasibility report to the relevant departments, apply for a safety assessment of the car test, and promote the “CEIBS train” fireworks container transport. Realized as early as possible.

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