Cold Light Fireworks Display Features
Nov 01, 2018

The cold fireworks technology is very high, and people's attention is caused by environmental pollution. In recent years, cold flames have been a trend in the development of fireworks. This is the high-tech crystallization of modern fireworks in the APEC meeting, the Sydney Olympic Games, the Japan and South Korea World Cup and the national aura. This product relies on the sound, light, color, sparks and sparks generated by the combustion of its own drugs to form a colorful fireworks effect. And artistic style, with excellent ornamental.

No smoke, no poison, no smell, no residue, no harm to the human body. Therefore, it does not pollute the environment. There is no explosion during production and discharge, and it is not easy to ignite other combustible materials in the spark zone. Therefore, the security is high, and a product can flexibly set the setup time as needed. The production process is simple. In general, more than half of the traditional fireworks crafts are reduced.

The atmosphere is warm, cheerful, unique and controllable. It is widely used in festivals, birthdays and other kinds of parties, which can create a pleasant atmosphere. It is very suitable for family, bar, karaoke hall, stage and other indoor and outdoor places. The performance price is relatively high, and it is similar to foreign similar products. Than has a greater price advantage.

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