Guide to Dealing with Damages, Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival
Dec 18, 2018


Maritime News: On March 16, 2018, at 20:50 EST, the ¡°Maersk Kensington¡± (6188Teu) round of fire broke out in a container in the cargo hold on the way from Salalah to the Suez Canal. After the incident, the crew responded quickly and immediately took safety measures. All 26 crew members were safe and sound.


How can the owner actively collect evidence, handle and claim damages that may occur to reduce losses?


1. The first time should confirm the condition of the goods and obtain and preserve the evidence of the condition of the goods.


2. The owner should ask for the first destination after the escape, and immediately arrange the inspection at the corresponding port.


3. The owner arranges the inspection at the first time after the goods arrive at the port to unload the ship.


4. Insured goods should be notified immediately to the insurance company.


5. Matters needing attention when arranging goods inspection


6. The inspection agency with relevant qualifications at the port of destination should be selected.


7. Inspection should be carried out at the first time to minimize delays


8. Try to avoid unpacking or breaking the seal before inspection


9. The inspection report should be as clear as possible

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