Kongming Lantern Related Knowledge
Nov 01, 2018

Kongming Lantern is also known as the sky lantern. It is also known as the Wishing Lantern. It is also an ancient Chinese handicraft. It is used for military purposes in ancient times. Modern people put more light on the lanterns as a blessing, and the wish of blessings by men, women and children. It symbolizes the success of harvest and happiness. It is usually cast on major festivals such as Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

According to legend, during the Five Dynasties (907-960 AD), there was a woman named Qi Qi Niang. When her husband was fighting in Fujian, she used bamboo poles to form a frame, paste paper, make headlights, and burn on the chassis. The turpentine, the light is flying on the sky by hot air, used as a military contact signal. This kind of rosin lamp is called Kongming Lantern in Sichuan. According to legend, the shape of this lantern is like the hat of Zhuge Liang, hence the name Kongming Lantern.

Another way of saying is that it was invented by Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms. In the same year, Zhuge Liang was trapped in Pingyang and could not send troops out of the city for help. Kong Ming calculated the wind direction, made a paper lantern floating, and asked for help. Out of danger, so later, this lantern is called Kongming Lantern.

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