Precautions For Fireworks And Firecrackers
Sep 07, 2018

1. When burning, you should see the precautions marked on the outer packaging of the fireworks and firecrackers, and carefully operate according to the burning instructions. All fireworks and firecrackers should be placed outdoors.

2. keep a clear head when burning fireworks and firecrackers, especially after drunkenness, please do not set off fireworks and firecrackers.

3. when setting off fireworks and firecrackers, fireworks and firecrackers should be placed on the ground. After ignition, the discharger should immediately leave to a safe location. When an abnormal situation occurs, please do not approach the product immediately, at least wait 15 minutes before processing.

4. Keep away from the prohibited areas specified by the regulations. Do not discharge in places without safety conditions, such as shantytowns, stairways, small alleys, gas stations, substations, high-voltage lines, gas pressure stations and pastures, near mountain forests, etc.; Fireworks and firecrackers should be kept away from factories, warehouses, farmer's markets, grain, firewood and other places.

5. After the discharge, it should be carefully inspected and found that the residual fire pieces and shredded paper should be cleaned up in time.

6. minors set off fireworks and firecrackers, must have an adult to accompany the care, must not use fireworks and firecrackers to play the "fire" game.

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