The Latest Standard Information Of The Shell
Nov 01, 2018

All along, the national standard for fireworks is "GB19594-2004 Fireworks and Fireworks"

In August 2012, the draft new national standard for fireworks was completed. The draft mainly divides the shells into three categories: high-altitude fireworks, bouquets, and water fireworks, depending on the effect of the fireworks, the filling, and the different parts. Thereafter, corresponding standards will be set for the inspection of different fireworks products.

Among them, the high-altitude shells can be divided into several small categories such as ball bright beads, cylindrical bright beads, modeling patterns, floating type, hanging type, cylindrical shape, and mother bullet type. It is understood that the formulation of the new national standard for fireworks can regulate the discharge behavior. The fireworks products cannot be sold casually and must be sold to qualified personnel by a sales company with a qualified qualification. The fireworks products cannot be personally discharged.

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