The World's Top Fireworks Team Competes For The Strongest Fireworks King
Feb 11, 2019

      On the evening of November 4th, the fireworks display from the United States, Russia, Taiwan, and Russia's Novartis Orion Art Fireworks Display Company was full of Russian national customs. It was divided into the evening of Moscow, the evening of the same autumn and autumn, and the winter of the war. Qiusha’s deep love and other four chapters.

      The four participating teams were separated from the original 30 teams, all of whom were well-known fireworks display teams that participated in many international fireworks competitions. The competition was judged according to four aspects: fireworks design innovation, product safety and environmental performance control. Seven judges came from Canada, Malaysia, Spain, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

      Russia's Novartis Orion Art Fireworks Display Company's fireworks display is full of Russian national customs, divided into four chapters in the evening of Moscow's suburbs, the autumn harvest, the beautiful scenery, the cold winter of war, and the deep love of Katyusha; Germany's NICO fireworks The company brings a fireworks show with the theme of “European Journey”. The ultimate performance of fireworks allows the audience to swim in Europe.

The top international fireworks teams from four countries and regions including Taiwan gathered in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, China, to compete in the 7th China (Liuyang) International Musical Fireworks Competition.

      The fireworks show of the Tvergonze Fireworks Company of the United States is based on the theme of "passionate moment", aiming to inspire all the audience to release the most passionate and passionate passion; the fireworks team of Taiwan Yongfeng Pyrotechnics Co., Ltd. of China is famous song "Grandma" The background of the Penghu Bay is about the emotional embarrassment between the two generations of the grandparents and grandchildren through the chapters of "Recalling the Time of Childhood", "Wang of Going Home", and "Two Pairs of Minions and Footprints".

      "Because there are professional translators, everyone can communicate well. But our fireworks display does not require translation, and the fireworks language that tells the story can be understood by everyone." John Serge, the representative of the US team who has lived in Liuyang for 15 years. Rui, I hope that through their fireworks show, the audience in different countries will feel the same passion, love and strength.
    “The audiences of all countries are watching the game with the love of fireworks. The participating teams also want to win, but when all of us are united to form a strong international team, we have won. "Russian team representative Andre said. In the end, the fireworks display of the US Tverokaze Fireworks Display Company, the German NICO Fireworks Company, and the Russian Novoxen Orion Art Fireworks Display Company won the first, second and third prizes respectively, and the Taiwan Yongfeng Pyrotechnic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The fireworks show won the prize.

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