Thousands Of Dutch People Go To Germany To Buy Fireworks
Dec 26, 2018

The Netherlands will increase its efforts to investigate illegal fireworks and firecrackers.

Thousands of Dutch people went to German supermarkets to buy fireworks, because it was cheaper.

Although the return of fireworks from outside the Netherlands is subject to regulations, it will be punished. However, a police spokesperson said that the vehicles returned from Germany have not been placed in the priority position of the police. The current focus is illegal. Fireworks explode


In recent years, the explosion of fireworks in Germany has become more and more popular. There are more than a dozen outdated sales outlets in the German village of Kranenburg near the Dutch city of Nijmegen. The road from Nijmegen to Kranenburg is now The transportation line for the explosion of fireworks. At the local Einkaufs Arena in Germany, there is a big supermarket, Penny Markt. Today, it was filled with Dutch people. The first Dutchman appeared at 6 am.


The person in charge of the supermarket said that most of the Dutch people came to buy fireworks.


When you buy fake fireworks from abroad, the private maximum is only 25 kilograms, and the fireworks you buy must be in compliance with Dutch regulations.


The operator must notify the environmental inspector 48 hours in advance when importing from a foreign country.

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