What Kinds Of Fireworks Are There?
Nov 01, 2018

There are many varieties of fireworks. According to the discharge effect, there are mainly 13 categories: spray, rotary, rotary lift, rocket, spit, small fireworks, smoke, modeling toys, combination fireworks, and incense. Friction guns, fireworks, etc.; concrete can be divided into cold light fireworks, fireworks, potted flowers, Roman candlelight, rockets, electro-optical flowers, stage fireworks, cold fireworks, instant fireworks, torch fireworks, toy fireworks, firecrackers, stage fountains, shelves More than 3,000 fireworks, fireworks and other fireworks are produced. In addition, large-scale fireworks produced in Liuyang and Wanzha are mainly used for large-scale fireworks evenings. The main types include "Fireworks Subtitles", "Fireworks", "Pot Flower", "Rocket", "Big Fire Wheel" and "Fireworks on the Shelf". There are dozens to hundreds of categories and specifications every year.

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