Party Popper Fireworks


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Party popper fireworks

Item No.


Item Name

Party popper fireworks





Cubic Metre(Case)


Weight (kg)


Hazard Class

1.4G UN0336


Paper powder and plastic




CE Approved & EX No.


Christmas, New Year, Weddings, Parties, Halloween, Easter, Promotions, Religion Events, Sports Events, other celebrations, etc.

How it work?

Party poppers are well-known and popular noisemaker, especially for children. Inside of the plastic bottle, just above the neck, there's a small explosive charge connected to a string.  In the "bottle" portion of the popper are about a dozen tiny rolls of confetti paper. The string is built into the explosive charge in such a way that when pulled tight, the charge explodes, which blasts off the paper end cap and sends out streams of confetti.

Neither pop-its nor party poppers are actually considered to be consumer fireworks. Rather, they are considered "trick noisemakers" which, along with toy caps and cigarette loads, fit into the 1.4S category. Therefore, they can be sold year-round in most toy shops and shopping centers.


1.we are a professional designer and manufacturer of fireworks.

2.we have been to fireworks business for more than 10 years, and we can supply all kinds of supports of fireworks industry to the whole world customers.

3.we can design and produce fireworks according to customer’s special request.

4.we give customers the competitive price-quick delivery-top quality.

5.we provide the best service to all the customers.

Product Advantages:

1.Superior quality and fashion design 

2.Professional technical workgroups

3.Ensure security and competitive price

4.Credit standing with correct and timely consignment

5.Professional manufacturing factories in Liuyang


1. Q: How to import fireworks directly from China?

A: Fireworks are different from other general products, they belong to 1.4S/1.4G/1.3G dangerous classifications. First of all, please make sure whether you have the Import License of Fireworks or have the ability to clear Custom.

2. Q: What is the MOQ for each item?

A: For each item, the MOQ is 100 cartons. For whole, the MOQ is a full 20 FT container. Because the fireworks can't be mixed with other general products when delivery.

3. Q: What is your deliver time?

A: 60 to 90 days after deposit.

4. Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept?

A: Generally, we use following types of payment: T/T L/C Cash, but we can discuss more details.

5. Q: Can you offer OEM or Private Label services?

A: We are pleased to offer OEM and Private Label services, which depend on your requirements.

6. Q: Can you send me a sample?A: Sample service will be provided. Welcome to visit our factory in Liuyang, and we will arrange the samples for you at night, so you can check our effect and quality.

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